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I set up with Questrade around the same time the market was melting down 5 yrs ago.Here was what I found from my message board after the conversation.We feature 28 Questrade coupons, promo codes and deals for August 2017.

Please do not spread unfounded rumours about Questrade on this site.I heard they were working on something which was suppose to be out in Jan, but as of yet I have heard or seen nothing.I am also disappointed the way Questrade handles their mistakes.

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When I transferred my account from my previous broker to questrade, things initially went well.The account was liquidated at 11:30 AM, I was sent an email at 4 pm.

It was all confusing because I am used to simply pointing to the account you want money taken from or put into.Keep in mind that a bunch of people had their accounts hacked on Thanksgiving day.I will really appreciate it, if the experienced traders will let me know where I stand in this situation, now even if I was wrong I would never in my life recommend this excuse of a trading website to anyone, not even an enemy.Questrade is a Canadian discount broker that is currently offering several different promotions including a free Apple Watch when you open a new account.I started noticing some time ago (about 6 months) that I was being charged for a platform I never used, did not trade there for some time and noticed quite some decline in my account balance, nowhere to check history of charges.This can go back and forth multiple times, which explains why dealing your requests takes so long.Your use or reliance of Magenta Trader as a client of Questrade is subject to the Questrade Legal Notice.

I would recommend you to try others before you recommend Questrade.They say oit there but after 2 weeks I am concerned. anyone have concerns or something like this happen.It took me so much time and energy to go through a simple opening account procedure, and finally it did not work for me at all.It is simply due to the unbelievably low standard of customer follow up.I have been using Questrade since August 2009, so far so good.After I contacted them several times by chat and phone, I eventually was told that I had to send them the proof I had paid transfer fees.You phone back again — and you guessed it — nothing new and no solution.Questrade is really bad if you trade penny stocks involving large number of shares (for example 23000).

Security was our main concern when we designed the process. 3 sets of login information are less likely to fall into the wrong hands at the same time.This has been a big problem with covered call ETFs where the call premium income has been mistakenly classified as other income.

I would not put my hard working money into such a inefficient company.Although the website says the exchange rate will be the rate on current day if request was sent before 2pm, which we did, we thought its fine.You call back 10 days later and they are unaware that they are supposed to look into an issue.No last names, no accountability, no desire to actually solve your problems.I opened two accounts (TFSA and non-registered) with Questrade in June.This forced imposition of the new platforms may be what I need to move to IB.

Regarding the display of cash balances: your balance does not fluctuate with the market.I tried to open an account online and had nothing but problems so I faxed all my documents except for the cheque, then to speed up the proccess I sent everything by courier.They say that they are investigating this issue and I am not sure when they will get back to me.I should have done more research on the reviews before attempting to open a questrade account.

I wish I could say otherwise, but my experience with Questrade has been really, really bad.Spend a few extra bucks per trade — it is unimaginably worth the extra cost. Trust me.They said something like they had low volume and were volatile even though both had a beta of only around 1.5 and traded more than 2% of the float per day.This is the way to deposit and withdraw funds into and from your Questrade account.They had my money to cover the margin but depts at Questrade were not conmmunicating well enough.Questrade USD RRSP and Referral Promotion. blogs and entered the four pillar discount coupon but I have not seen.

Capital One Investing Coupons; Questrade...This feature is accessible via myQuestrade on the Withdraw Funds page.I have contacted questrader about the problem I have, all I was looking for is an explanation but it seems when I brought up the info they chose to ignore me so I am going to post on every website to search for the answer.

I am writing this to urging people think twice when you select Questrade because their commissions are low.I intend to trade frequently so I wanted to sign up, but the option to add data services was nowhere to be found in MyQuestrade.I am unimpressed by the way Questrade poorly treats new customers.I agree that fees are low but customer service is slow and if your looking for customer statisfaction you will not find it here.Certified cheques and bank drafts are accepted with no delay.One of their answers for an error was that I should have called them to place a trade instead of doing it in the online system.He checked the file and told us he could not find the form at first and then found it later after we assured it should be in the file.