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I was settling in to work on my iPad when she informed me that the display on the main thermostat was blank.Larry always makes things sound easy, so I hope it is as easy as described.It is unknown, however, whether the Township and County would let us to put it up.Linda helped me transfer the contents of a 40 pound bag of solar salt to several two-gallon zip lock bags.I was not feeling well, which made it hard to concentrate and made this work an unpleasant chore rather than something I enjoyed doing.When we got back to our motorcoaches Fonda came over and worked with Linda for a little while on their business records.Dr. Carron examined Juniper first since she was already out of her carrier.For one, the menu is essentially Chinese and SE Asian cuisine.

I took a few minutes to e-mail Jarel and then called it a night.After dinner I put the finishing touches on my BCM air-compressor repair article and e-mailed it to Butch to proof-read.Between the charger, the refrigerator, and the electric heating element we were drawing 14 Amps on both legs.We chat occasionally but this call was promoted by a visit to our website where she noticed that my latest blog post was from early October 2015.I spent much of the morning looking for new games in the iStore.Learning to handle a pistol correctly would have been more relevant, but I do not recall a course being offered for that.

We had appointments at the Farmington Vision Clinic this morning at 10 AM so we gathered up all of our glasses (seven pairs) and left around 9:20 for the 30 mile, 30 minute trip.When we saw large plumes of smoke later in our drive we assumed it was related to more land clearing.He then stuck his head around the edge of the ceiling and looked at us upside down.

Sandwich trends at Lancaster County restaurants include international flavors. along with pretzel rolls,. crushed red pepper and cranberry sauce,.We usually enjoy our first cup of coffee before having breakfast but she toasted bagels for our breakfast right away.I leveled the coach and this time the front adjustment of the Level Low system worked just fine.

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I got a tiny, short hiss and then coolant came out so I quickly closed it.

I climbed onto the roof of their bus so it would be easier to reach things and I could work sitting down.Linda vacuumed thoroughly and then I took the vacuum into the house.The tent has a floor and will provide a rainproof enclosure where we can store all of the stuff that is currently in the car.Juniper was out of her carrier immediately but Jasper did not come out of his voluntarily.Linda made a warm garbanzo bean and kale salad for lunch with lemon juice and garlic.

He plans to get bags with one-way valves, like you find most packaged coffee, and that will eliminate the need to wait a day or so for the out-gassing to subside.Most car dealerships in this market are open until 9 PM on Mondays and Thursdays, and neither of us was ready for dinner yet, so we paid a visit to Champion Chevrolet on Grand River Avenue between Brighton and Howell.The buy it at Costco so that may finally be the reason we need to join.Getting it repaired was one of our reasons for returning to Florida this winter.We kept the volume down and played games until 9 PM and then switched the TV to PBS and watched Downton Abbey.

Fortunately she did not run off and eventually crawled under the back of the bus on the driver side.I got the items e-mailed off to the MAC and to Bill at Wayne RESA and e-mailed an invoice to the Kathy, the president of the MAC.We had lightning and thunder last night starting around 9 PM but the rain held off until bedtime.I wanted to upgrade the WordPress version and plugins on the four websites I manage but decided I should do backups first.Pinkberry is an franchise of frozen dessert. a club offering coupons and premiums.

While I was thinking about it Linda called to let me know she was on her way home.I replied to that and bcc:d our iPads so we could watch them using the Wi-Fi at the resort office.Both cats complained for most of the trip to Plaza Veterinary Hospital, but they are cats and that is what they do.Back at their house we sat outside chatting and enjoyed some hot tea.The overnight low temperature was forecast to be 27 and it was already 29 when we went to bed.With the WiFi network key Donn had provided earlier I was able to connect our WFR to one of the available WiFi signals and upgrade its firmware.She finished up the balsamic vinaigrette and dressed my salad with an Asian soy-ginger vinaigrette.

The swimming pool here is heated and there is also a hot tub with a whirlpool feature.When I finally got to work on blog posts I selected and processed several photos from our visit on Thursday to the Ringling Estate.I removed the side panel from the Reznor garage furnace and made the AC power connections.Juniper, who never used to pay much attention to me, has taken his place.They are not necessarily the healthiest treat, but they are vegan.

I shared the printer from the Sony workstation and was subsequently able to find and install drivers that allowed the ASUS to connect to it and print a test page.Even so, I was done, back at the coach, and changed into nicer dinner clothes before Linda arrived.

We also noticed that the staff was Indian and so were many of the patrons.I turned the pilot flame off and will deal with that tomorrow.Jasper used to sit next to me on the sofa in the morning but seems to prefer sleeping on top of one of the back cushions these days.One of the couples we were talking to at the jam session on Thursday was from Jackson, Michigan and told me that in recent years they have been getting 75 attendees at the Michigan dinner, and that is probably not everyone in the park who calls Michigan home.We finished packing, adjusted the windows, loaded the car, pulled out as of our site a little before 8 AM, and stopped at the dumpster to drop off a bag of kitchen trash.I got the bus plugged in and the air shut off while Linda put the batteries back in the water softener and sanitizer and turned the well pump on.

I-30 west of Little Rock climbs through rolling hills with extensive woodlands on both sides of the highway.I asked Butch if he knew which burner was in the Aqua-Hot I bought from him, but he did not.He put on some more coffee and we got back into a long morning discussion on a wide range of topics, so playing with our communications technology had to wait until later.Our destination was Homestead, Florida and Everglades National Park.On our way back to our car we took a quick glance at the Camaro sitting outside the showroom door.We headed down to the market area on Kuehn Street with Butch and Fonda and walked around for a couple of hours in the Tyson Wells Show grounds north of Kuehn Street and west of Central Avenue (US-95).I needed to start the main engine to roll the bus forward so a different section of the tires was in contact with the pad to avoid flat spots from being parked for three months.